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Micolorprint Helmet UV printer

This year’s epidemic has been a long-lasting and huge blow to many industries, especially the catering, tourism, and entertainment industries have not yet recovered their vitality, but challenges and opportunities coexist. The impact is that demand is soaring and demand exceeds supply. Driven by a large amount of demand and driven by huge profits, many people have entered the industry related to epidemic prevention. A variety of masks and protective clothing are difficult to find. In February, the scarcity of masks raised a wave of masks, and the prices of masks have been rising. Existing manufacturers Can not meet the market demand, so began to buy mask machines in March, manufacturers purchased mask machines to mass-produce masks and promoted the rise in the price of the main raw material melt-blown cloth. In April, they were buying sky-blown melt-blown cloth. The profit was full, and I thought that with the end of the epidemic, it would return to calm, but with the implementation of “one helmet and one belt”, another new product started to be popular in May, that is the helmet.

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