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What should I do if the uv flatbed printer has the following 3 problems?

In the advertising production industry, the UV flatbed printer is an indispensable artifact. Although the UV flatbed printer is easy to operate, the masters who are not skilled in the operation, may encounter some problems, resulting in errors in the quality of the printed picture. How to solve it? The following Micolorprint editor will give you three tricks to solve common small problems. One: printing media We all know that the UV flatbed printer can print flat media or cylindrical media, but the entire media cannot be higher than the machine itself can carry, otherwise, it will damage the nozzle and cause the entire screen to be unclear. If the nozzle drips ink, leaks ink, or the distance between the nozzle and the material medium is too close, the nozzle may wipe the surface of the medium and damage the image quality. The printed material must be placed flat, which is much better for equipment with a suction device. Of course, if the printing medium is too transparent or too thick, then the printing material needs to be reloaded to ensure a smooth surface and also To replace the opaque printing material Two: Data transmission problem Maybe you will encounter such a situation: After the UV flatbed printer transmits the print data, its indicator will keep flashing, even if you press the start button, the machine still cannot print. This is also a common print production failure, which is difficult for inexperienced operators to deal with. It should be noted

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