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Why does the print head of the UV printer not move normally?

In normal work and production, UV flatbed printers may encounter that the print head cannot move normally after the printer’s power-on self-check is completed. After opening the cover of the printer, the drive belt is found to be loose.  Why is this? Here is a brief introduction to Micolorprint printers.         The print head of the flatbed printer cannot move automatically. It may be because the flatbed printer was not shut down normally before moving the printer, which caused the print head to not return to the fixed position normally. The printer vibrated during moving, causing the transmission belt to fall off the guide gear. .  How can this be solved?          In this case, we generally need to reinstall the drive belt to the guide gear by ourselves. The specific steps are as follows: first open the body cover of the tablet, then place the drive belt on the left side of the printer to the correct position on the power gear, stretch the drive belt by hand, and the drive belt will gradually wind from one side to the guide gear , When the middle position is reached, the drive belt is reset successfully. Move the print head by hand to see if it can move normally. If so, it means that the drive belt is reset successfully.         After the drive belt of the UV flatbed printer is successfully reset, do not rush to print, because the flatbed printer needs to be re-calibrated to avoid the phenomenon of misalignment of

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