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How to solve the problem that the UV flatbed printer is not online?

Flatbed printers may not be online during use, and older machines are more common as they are used. The main manifestation of disconnection is that the printing software cannot be opened after booting (PCI card series) or the software is grayed out (USB series) and cannot be operated. What is the reason for this failure? How to solve it? The Micolorprint printer is here to talk to you briefly.  The first is that the PCI card series UV flatbed printers are not online. The performance is that the printer has been turned on, and the flatbed printer has no response for a long time after opening the printing software, and the prompt “The software is already running” appears when the printing software is opened again. How to solve this? There are several solutions:   1. Turn off the flatbed printer, after power off, re-plug the high-density cable.   2. Reinstall the control software.   3. Check whether the PCI driver is installed, if not, you need to install the PCI driver.   4. After cutting off the power, re-plug the PCI card and replace the PCI slot.   5. Check whether the synchronous belt of the motor is damaged. If it is damaged, replace the synchronous belt and try again.   If none of the above operations can solve the problem that the PCI series UV machine is not online, it may be due to the following reasons:   1. The problem of high-density lines.   2. Problems with PCI cards.   3. The problem of private server board.

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