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What is the cause of color cast in UV printer printing?

In the case of using UV printers in normal times, everyone will find that the color tones of the copied pattern designs and the specific images are very large. So what factors actually caused it? The editor below consults professional and technical personnel and customer feedback for this type of situation and gets the following reasons. 1. The problem of ink. Because the pigment composition of some inks is different and the ink in the ink head of the printer is added to the color, the copied pattern design has a color cast. 2. The hazards of sprinklers. When the print settings are all normal, the color cast of the copy tone still occurs, which is caused by the instability of the head inkjet printer, which is caused by the damage of the head after several cleanings. 3. The precision of machinery and equipment itself is difficult. Although all the same heads are selected in the precision of copying and PASS, the actual effect of the specific copying is also different. This key original photo is the difficulty of the precision of each machine and equipment. In turn, it also causes color cast. 4. Difficulties in playing single software. When everyone buys UV printers, the manufacturers are all equipped with machine software for professional UV printer applications. This machine software can restore 100% of the colors. It is not easy to cause tonal errors. Therefore, it is better to use the ordering software that comes with the factory. It is

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