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What is the reason why the image output by the UV printer is too dark and not bright enough?

Reason 1: The ink level in the print settings is too low   Usually, there are different ink output controls in the UV printer graphic control software such as 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, etc. If the operator is inexperienced, he will print 100% of the ink with 80% of the ink, which will result in a lighter output picture. The solution is to increase the ink volume. Reason 2: The printed PASS is too low The color and accuracy of the pictures printed by different PASS are different. Usually, some objects with small materials use a high pass to print, which can make the picture clear and rich in color; if it is large-format printing, you can choose a lower one. PASS to print. This requires technicians to print the PASS settings for different materials based on practical experience. Reason 3: the influence of material    The transparency, gloss, smoothness, and other characteristics of the substrate itself will affect the effect of UV printing, and the output pictures may be lighter or darker. In addition to visual errors by the naked eye, some materials have an adsorption effect on ink, and some materials have a dissolving effect on the ink. For example, when printing a picture on a conventional acrylic inkjet printer, the UV printer only needs 80% of the ink volume, and a little more will result in a darker picture.

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