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How about a stainless steel uv printer?

Recently, a few friends who are engaged in the door and window decoration industry have asked a few questions. Can UV printers print stainless steel plates? Will the stainless steel uv printer fall off? How about the stainless steel uv printer? Today we will answer these questions one by one. 1. Can uv printer print stainless steel plates? The answer is yes. We know that the surface of the metal and stainless steel is relatively smooth, and it needs to be coated before printing, which can greatly improve the adhesion of the pattern. It should be noted that the appropriate coating must be selected so that the coating will be uniform and the color will be even, and the color effect will be better. 2. Will the stainless steel uv printing fall off? UV-printed stainless steel is not easy to fade and basically does not fade indoors. It is conservatively estimated to be about 8-15 years; outdoor due to the “bad” environment, sun, and rain, the effect will naturally be worse, but it can also be maintained for about 5 years. In addition, if the stainless steel is coated or sprayed with varnish on the surface after printing, it can greatly extend its life. 3. How about the stainless steel uv printer? UV printing is currently the mainstream printing process for stainless steel. UV printers can customize printing patterns on different materials and product surfaces and are widely used in dozens of industries such as advertising, building materials, leather, and

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