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What are the common problems with UV dtf printers? What is the solution?

Pull line, dripping problem Pulling lines and dripping ink are common problems that affect product quality and continuous production in the production of UV dtf printers, which are mainly caused by the clogging of the nozzle. Because the nozzle holes and ink dots are very fine (micron level), small impurities, dust, and water vapor are enough to block the nozzle holes or block the ejected ink dots, so clogging is a common defect of uv dtf printers. 1. The nozzle is blocked  Blockage in the nozzle         Generally speaking, clogging is divided into nozzle internal clogging and external clogging. The clogging in the nozzle is generally caused by ink path pollution and ink precipitation. The ink path pollution is generally caused by the incomplete cleaning of newly installed parts. Therefore, when replacing parts, they must be strictly cleaned before starting the machine. At the same time, it is also very important to choose a suitable filter. Too thick will easily cause the nozzle to block, and too thin will cause the filter itself to block. The ink sedimentation is not only related to the suspension of the ink but also closely related to the ink supply system of the machine itself. A good supply system can ensure that the nozzles keep the nozzles unblocked and the ink supply is sufficient in the state of standby, continuous full printing, and small intermittent printing. Otherwise, there will be frequent clogging, uneven spraying of small ink volumes, and insufficient ink supply for large ink

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