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Pigment Ink VS Dye Ink

Method of distinguishing pigment ink and dye ink When it involves inkjet printers, we’ve got to speak about ink, because ink affects the standard of printing and also affects the printing cost of users. These are the problems that users are most concerned about, but when buying ink, they’ll I found that there are two options for pigment ink and dye ink. Is it to settle on pigment ink or dye ink? what’s the difference between pigment ink and dye ink? Micolorprint technology will answer you! What is dye ink? Dye ink could be a molecular-level fully soluble ink. This ink could be a complete composite solution. The probability of blocking the ink head is extremely small. After printing, it’s easy to be absorbed by the fabric. the color is bright and also the cost is low. The disadvantage is that it’s not waterproof. Molecules decompose quickly under ultraviolet radiation, causing obvious fading within one month of outside use under actinic rays. However, thanks to its bright colors, clear layers, and lower cost than pigment inks, it’s the primary choice for printing pictures and making color-jet business cards. What is pigment ink? Pigment ink is more vivid than powder ink. Of course, this is often just a vivid statement, and it’s not accurate enough. To be precise, it grinds solid pigments into very fine particles and dissolves them in a special water solvent. it’s a suspension solution or semi-solution, which has identical properties because of the pigments utilized in printing and dyeing clothes. Contrary to the principle that the dye ink penetrates into the medium to create color, it develops color by attaching the color material to the surface

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