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What is the reason for the ghost image in high-speed printing of UV flatbed printers?

What is high-speed printing? The so-called high-speed printing means left-right bidirectional printing. When you use normal printing, the flatbed printer only prints all the time, such as from left to right, after printing a line, then return to the left and print again. High speed is printing from the left side to the right side. Wrap lines and print from the right to the left. Why do ghost images appear in high-speed printing? Because the printing speed is fast. Bidirectional printing, so it is possible that the same line is printed twice, which causes ghosting. How to solve the ghosting of high-speed printing? To solve the issue of ghosting in high-speed printing, you can follow these steps: 2. Right-click on the icon of your printer model and select “Printing Preferences.” 3. In the printing preferences window, look for the “Maintenance” tab or option. 4. Click on “Print Head Calibration” or a similar option under maintenance. This will initiate the calibration process. 5. The printer will print a calibration page, and the computer window will provide instructions to find the best icon or pattern on the calibration page. 6. Note down the corresponding number or complete the calibration process as instructed. 7. Perform the calibration by selecting the appropriate icon or pattern on the calibration page. 8. Repeat the calibration process if necessary. Generally, two calibrations should be performed, and the results should be similar. 9. After completing the calibration, enable high-speed printing mode, and the ghosting issue should be resolved.

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