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What are the ways to deal with the image quality problems of DTG printers?

1. The image definition isn’t high. Phenomenon: the image is fuzzy and unclear; there are incomplete graphics within the image: the fineness of the jet nozzle isn’t adjusted properly. the answer is especially thanks to the mismatch between the inkjet resolution and therefore the grey fabric: thanks to the weaving method of the grey fabric, the surface can’t be as smooth as paper. Generally, DTG universal printer inkjet printing mostly uses 360-720dpi line inkjet. Fine fabrics like silk fabrics are rarely jetted to 1440 dpi, and it’ll not be effective if the image definition is increased infinitely. And it’ll affect the rise in injection speed. to extend the problem of software and hardware, the resolution should be reasonably selected in step with the fineness of the pattern and therefore the finish of the grey fabric. the peak of the nozzle should be adjusted reasonably for fabrics of various thicknesses: If the nozzle is simply too low, it’s easy to dam the nozzle and affect the color of the pattern. If the print head is simply too high, the ink moves with the print head to a specific height off from the material, which is able to produce a particular angle of parabola, the printed pattern borders are blurred, the accuracy is poor, and also the colors aren’t bright enough. Therefore, when printing, adjust the nozzle to the correct height. 2. The color level within the pattern isn’t rich enough. The phenomenon is: that there are two knots within the pattern,

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