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Why is the grounding of UV flatbed printers especially important?

The UV flatbed printer must be well-grounded during use. Although some users use a three-socket socket with a ground wire, there is no ground wire in the socket. At this time, as the weather gradually dries, the static electricity on the print head will accumulate more and more, causing the print head of the universal printer to be damaged. Electrostatic damage occurs, resulting in losses. Do the following to prevent damage to the nozzle due to static electricity: 1. Good grounding.         If there is no grounding wire in the socket, use a 0.5mm thick copper plate to connect the copper wire, bury it at least 1.5 meters deep underground, and pour salt water to increase conductivity. The other end of the copper wire is connected to the printer metal so that it cannot Generate static electricity to protect the universal flatbed printer. 2. Maintain a certain environmental humidity.         The working environment of the UV flatbed printer reaches 40%-60% relative humidity. The static electricity generated by the nozzle of the UV flatbed printer can be emitted through the air in time. A heater can be purchased to maintain the relative humidity. 3. Try to keep the indoor temperature and relative humidity stable.         Keep the temperature and relative humidity of the UV flatbed printer stable in the city, so that the static electricity generated by the printer nozzle can be dissipated through the city air in time. 4. The electrostatic brush can be used to avoid the accumulation of static electricity in

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