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What is the function of the UV printer ink-absorbing pad?

Now UV flatbed printers all use ink-absorbing pads, so what are their functions? How do we solve the problem? What are the functions of UV flatbed printer ink-absorbing pads? The ink-absorbing pad is an important accessory for the automatic moisturizing function of the UV printer nozzle. It mainly has the following three functions: 1. Ink absorption. When the flatbed printer is slightly clogged, you can use an ink-absorbing pad during cleaning to suck out the ink and make it smooth. 2. Dustproof. Prevent the uv flatbed printer from sticking to dust on the nozzle when it is not working, thereby blocking the nozzle. 3. Keep the nozzle at low pressure, and keep it moist at all times when it is not working, and it is not easy to break the wire.  Nowadays, most flatbed printers use a continuous supply system, and the principle of a continuous supply system is that the air pressure of the ink cartridge is balanced with the air pressure of the nozzle so that the ink is continuously replenished to the nozzle. Therefore, if the sealing performance of the ink absorbing pad is very good, it will maintain small micro air pressure at the nozzle and keep the nozzle full of ink at all times. Printing can start immediately after turning on the printer, reducing nozzle clogging and prolonging the service life. How do we solve the problem of ink-absorbing pads?         One of the most common failures of UV printer ink-absorbing pad is that it cannot

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