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How do you judge the price of a leather printing machine?

Leather printers are often expensive, but how much is it worth? This often confuses buyers. How to identify the value of a leather printing machine, and make appropriate bargaining with leather color printing machine manufacturers within a certain range? Advantages of leather printers         The leather printing machine can print high-resolution color patterns on any leather or artificial leather surface. The output pattern is exquisite and vivid, high-quality, not easy to fade, and has the effects of sunscreen, waterproofing, and UV protection. The environmental protection performance is also very good. In terms of color, the leather color printing machine mainly uses 4 colors and 6 colors, plus white or varnish, which can be used in more industries to choose and apply, making the products more vivid, durable, and not fading, and more personalized and diversified.         The leather printer can print in color on any rough or deformable soft leather surface, whether it is curved, round, or flat. Moreover, the leather printing machine can do white ink inkjet printing, first spray a layer of white ink on the surface of the leather, and then inkjet color on the white ink, which can not only reduce the color difference but also print 3D relief effect, which greatly enhances the product value. The leather color printing machine can realize instant drying and instant drying, which makes it more advantageous in proofing, small batch production, and customized production, providing customers with greater convenience and enhancing customer favor.         To sum up, although the price of the

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