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Which UV flatbed printer works well?

Which UV flatbed printer works well and how to choose? This is the most important question for anyone wanting to buy a UV flatbed printer to start a business. A UV printer with a good printing effect is really important for entrepreneurs who choose this industry. It can be said that the effect of a machine determines the key to your profit and income, but how can you tell the difference? Is the effect of the flatbed printer machine good or bad? Then the following Micolorprint editor will tell you how to choose a UV flatbed printer with a good printing effect. 1: Look at the format size of the printer First of all, we have to look at the printer’s format size, and whether the printed pattern is the same as the actual printed format. 2: try to operate Print a box on the printer platform and measure the diagonal of the box, which is important for those who want to do 3D effects or engraving products. 3: Detect Color If the color reproduction is not very good, and the printed effect is not what we really need, then it is of little significance. 4: Print the same pattern multiple times Because you need to know that a good machine will not go astray if you print it a dozen times.         If you want to buy a good UV flatbed printer, you can earn profitable business opportunities and help you seize a place in the market. When you really

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