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What are the common faults and maintenance methods of the uv flatbed printers?

1. The nozzle is out of ink   1: The head is blocked, and the nozzle needs to be cleaned.   2: The ink tube interface is blocked, it needs to be pulled out and inserted several times.   3: Head interference, swap the position of the nozzle, and use a paper towel between the nozzle and the electric shock belt to check which nozzle is interfering, and finally replace the nozzle.   4: There are multiple nozzles that do not output ink at the same time. If the ink does not output after eliminating the interference of the nozzles, it means that the trolley board is broken. 2. The edge of the drawing will be slanted to one side   1: The uv printer service motor is broken, and the servo motor needs to be replaced.   2: The grating sensor is dirty, just wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in clean water, or the grating sensor is broken, it needs to be replaced. 3. When starting up, the small frame hits the left frame   1: The grating sensor is dirty and needs to be cleaned.   2: The grating sensor is broken and needs to be replaced.   3: The data cable is not plugged in properly, it needs to be plugged in several times. 4. The nozzle will drop ink when printing   1: The air in the head is not cleaned, and it needs to be pumped several times.   2: The head is leaking, you need to find out where the leak is and

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