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Why does the head of the flatbed printer need to be calibrated and cleaned?

Every flatbed printer requires regular maintenance and care. If maintenance is neglected, then it is likely to lead to clogged printheads or other problems. As one of the core components of a flatbed printer, replacing a printhead can easily cost several thousand dollars. Therefore, good printhead maintenance care for production consistency, and improving economic efficiency are essential. Some maintenance, such as printhead cleaning and calibration, is easily accomplished through the built-in procedures of the uv printer. If there are streaks in the printed image or when the color is lighter, this indicates that the printhead has a blockage. To make the printhead back to normal work, you need to carry out a self-test of the printhead or clean the printhead. Both of these processes require the consumption of ink. Therefore, unless necessary, it is not recommended that you use these two functions. Maintenance procedures for uv printer printheads are generally built into the printer driver or can be found by accessing the printer options on your computer. It is important to note that once the printer has started the maintenance procedure, please be patient and wait for the entire process to complete before proceeding with other items. Failure to do so can cause damage to the printer. Printhead check When the output color becomes faded or a certain color does not output, you need to check if the printhead is working properly. Cleaning the printhead First, type a ribbon out with the printer to see if the ribbon of a

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