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Why does the white ink nozzle of the high-speed cylinder bottle printer not eject ink for one frame?

User questions: This morning, the white nozzle of the high-speed cylindrical bottle UV printer did not eject ink in one frame. What should I do? There is still a large number of materials to be processed. Micolorprint technicians come and help me. Reason: The frame inside the white print head is blocked or the ink outlet is blocked. Solution: Use a syringe to clean the nozzle, and use a cotton swab to wipe the surface of the nozzle repeatedly. At the same time, print and clean the nozzle before turning on the machine every day to ensure good working printing of the nozzle. There is also a problem, the red UV ink leaks ink, how to solve this? Reason: The solenoid valve is faulty. Solution: The problem of ink leakage can be solved by replacing the solenoid valve under the secondary ink cartridge.

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