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Description of the setting interface parameters of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer

General settings Version Information ①. Language: The user can switch between the Chinese and English versions according to their needs. After switching the language, save the parameters and restart the software. ①. User mode: There are two modes to choose from test mode and release mode. Users can use the test mode. ②. Mirror image: Whether the image needs to be printed in a mirror image in the rotation direction, and the normal printing is set to No. ③. Printing mode: There are two printing modes, spiral, and stepping. After switching, the software needs to be restarted to take effect. The stepping mode currently does not allow the substrate surface to have a curvature and must be straight. ④. Network speed test: Click this button to test the signal strength of the network cable, if it is too low, it cannot print at high speed. Material settings • Material settings ⑤. Print border: the distance between the first head of the carriage and the 0 positions of the print origin (X white border 0 positions), used to set and correct the parameters of the 0 position of the white border origin scale. ⑥. Y reset before printing: Whether to reset before printing, usually set to Yes. ⑦. Unloading time: the same image file, from the end time of the first print to the start time of the next print. ⑧. Cone Direction: Set the large end or small end of the cone to the front (right). • White ink setting

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