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How to use UV flatbed printer to print paddle patterns?

In the early days, the printing of patterns on paddles was relatively simple. Most were single-color or two-color lines, logos, etc. There were very few color printings of complex colors, especially in the area of personalized customization. It is only in recent years that UV printing technology has been gradually chosen for production. Types of paddle materials suitable for UV printing: 1. Carbon fiber (no coating required) 2. Plastic (no coating required) 3. Aluminum alloy (need to wipe the coating) 4. Wood, solid wood 5. Nylon (no coating required) 6. PVC (some require coating) Have to be aware of the following: Since the paddle itself is immersed in water for a long time, waterproofing is a problem to be overcome. Especially for seawater, seawater itself is more corrosive than fresh water. After extensive testing, if post-printing treatment (varnish coating) is not performed, the pattern formed by UV ink will fade. Paddle UV printing renderings: Features of these paddle materials: 1. Anti-bending, durable, and lightweight; 2. High strength and easy to carry. With the rise of DIY paddle pattern customization, we have come into contact with a large number of customers. They mainly make personalized patterns for units and clubs, and most of them are exported. Some of the paddles themselves are uneven, with a height difference between 2-4 mm. When choosing UV printer equipment, you need to test the spraying force of the nozzle. If the spraying force is insufficient, it will be easy to scratch the nozzle or cause

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