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Is UV printer suitable for printing ceilings?

The ceiling is the top decoration of the living environment of the house, which affects the style and atmosphere of the whole room. Decorating the ceiling will make the whole room look brand new. This is often overlooked by many users who do UV printing of building materials. Most of them focus on tile background walls, sliding door glass, etc. Suitable materials for UV printing ceilings: 1. Gypsum board: It has the advantages of light texture, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardancy, etc., but it is easy to crack and deform. No coating is required, just print directly. 2. Plywood: Also called plywood, it has the advantages of light material and easy processing, but termites easily destroy it, and the pattern can be printed directly. 3. Stained glass: It has good light transmittance. It is necessary to wipe the special glass coating to improve the adhesion of the pattern. 4. Fiberglass: The surface texture is non-directional, simple and generous. Just print directly on its surface without pre-press processing. 5. PVC material: low price and convenient construction. Domestic ones do not need to wipe the coating, and some imported ones need to wipe the coating. Ceiling UV printing effect diagram: Equipment suitable for ceiling UV printing: 1. Industrial nozzles. The production environment of the ceiling is very dusty, which generally shortens the life of the nozzles. The life of civilian nozzles will be reduced by about half, and the life of industrial nozzles will be shortened by 10-20%. 2. The equipment

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