How to calibrate and clean the acrylic uv printer head?

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Every acrylic uv printer needs regular maintenance and maintenance. If the maintenance is neglected, it is likely to cause head blockage or other problems. As one of the central components of the acrylic uv printer, changing a head can easily cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, good sprinkler maintenance and maintenance are essential for production connectivity and improving economic efficiency.

Some maintenance, such as the cleaning and calibration of the head, can be easily completed through the built-in program of the acrylic uv printer.

If there are streaks or light colors in the printed image, this indicates that the head is clogged. To make the head back to normal work, it is necessary to carry out the self-check of the nozzle or clean the head. Both of these processes require ink consumption. Therefore, unless necessary, it is not recommended that you use these two functions.

The maintenance program of the acrylic uv printer head is generally built into the printer driver or can be found by accessing the printer option on the computer. It should be noted that once the printer starts to perform the maintenance procedures, please wait patiently for the completion of the whole process before proceeding with other items. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the acrylic uv printer.

Checking the head of the acrylic uv printer When the output color becomes light or a certain color cannot be output, you need to check whether the head is working normally.

First, print out a ribbon with an acrylic uv printer to see if the ribbon of a certain color is not intact.

If so, it indicates that the ink cartridge of the corresponding color is congested. When the color is lighter, this indicates that the nozzle is blocked.

So how to clean the head of the acrylic uv printer´╝č

If the print head self-inspection indicates that the print head needs to be cleaned, or the entire print head is completely blocked (cannot print), you need to clean the print head. Cleaning the nozzle can wash out the infarcts in the nozzle. If the nozzle is severely clogged, continuous cleaning can be performed, but the continuous cleaning cannot exceed three times, and the distance of each cleaning should be about 15 minutes.

Generally speaking, the printers on the market today only need a form of automatic nozzle cleaning. If automatic cleaning cannot wash through the nozzle, then you need to perform manual cleaning.

Calibration of acrylic uv printer print head

If the printed lines and colors are out of balance or have streaks, this indicates that the print head needs to be calibrated. The printer has a special built-in program to stop the calibration of the print head. Regarding the print head of the new device, performing this operation can stop the accurate calibration of the print head.

If cleaning and adjustment can’t solve the problem, you can contact the consumer manufacturer in time. Professional manufacturers can judge the fault the first time and propose a treatment plan.


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