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Flags are also called “flags”. Refers to a cloth hanging on a pole with a specific color and pattern. The pattern on the flag is iconic and is used to convey information or classify. Nowadays, most flags have been used as national symbols, and sometimes they can also be used for publicity or pure decoration. The banner is also an advertising weapon. It can not only create momentum and increase the attention of others but also extend the company’s advertising information to the outdoors and help the company attract customers.

  There are many types of flags and their uses are also different. They can be roughly divided into:

  • Political: national flag, party flag, military flag, regiment flag, etc.
  • Logo (logo): All enterprises, institutions, mass organizations, schools, etc., use eye-catching emblems or text to display the banner of the image of the unit.
  • Propaganda: advertising flags, cheerleading flags for competitions, and flags for propaganda and morale.
  • Ceremonial: sports team flags, pennants for mutual gifts and rewards, and various protocol flags.
  • Marine use: signal flags, communication flags, command flags, etc. are indispensable on ocean-going ships and naval vessels.
    There are other kinds of flags, which are widely distributed, such as colorful flags. Among the above five types of flags, except for the Chinese flag and the Chinese Communist Party flag, which are designated by government departments, the production of the other types of flags is distributed in all walks of life, which is difficult to count. The material of the flag is basically all kinds of textiles, which are printed by screen printing technology. However, there are not many companies that produce flags in the textile system. There are only hundreds of “national flag designated manufacturers” in the country, belonging to the textile system. Only a handful.

It is difficult to improve the technological level of flag production. The difficulty lies in the particularity of making flags, which can be summarized in the following aspects:

  • Various flags have different shapes, sizes, and colors; the same flags have different sizes; there are great differences in production.
  • The flags range from fabrics, bleaching, printing, and dyeing to sewing and suspending devices. It is considered the systemic engineering of textiles. It is difficult for a production unit to complete it at one time. It can only be pieced together.
  • The flag not only has political significance but also has many specific functions, so the internal and external quality requirements are quite strict.
  • Companies producing banners are mostly small companies distributed in all walks of life, and their technical equipment is not fully equipped, which restricts the improvement of the quality level and the expansion of the production quantity, and there is no time for research.

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