Is it okay not to buy heads from the original uv printer(high-speed bottle printer) factory?

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It is definitely possible, whether it is a head, consumables, or other parts, users can purchase them from other channels. As a rational user, he definitely wants a lower price and pays less for replacement parts. Just when deciding to buy, I hope to consider three aspects:

1. The risks involved

There are a large number of online shops on the Internet, intermediate traders sell heads, and people who look at some prices are tempting. For example, it costs 1,200 US dollars to buy a head from the manufacturer, while those prices are only 900 US dollars, and some even only 700 US dollars. Seeing this, I guess the first reaction was “The manufacturer is really shady and earns me so much money”, plus the various promises and guarantees of these online stores, it seems that there is no problem, so I placed an order to buy.

There are two main reasons for this low price:

1. The head is a refurbished head

That is, the heads used by others are disassembled, cleaned, and resold. Most of these heads cost hundreds of dollars or a thousand dollars. Not to mention that there are many problems here, the service life of a single head is at least half over.

2. cheat money

The cost of opening an online store is only 1,000 yuan as a security deposit (some website shops). As long as one head is sold, it will be recovered, and the extra one will be the net profit. Even if it violates the regulations, it’s nothing to pay for the thousand yuan in the later stage.

2. Do you understand technology?

It is easy to buy heads, but difficult to replace them. How to install, how to wire, how to install the ink channel, etc. are all technical tasks. If you don’t pay attention, a power cord is plugged in backward. The moment the power is turned on, the print head will be directly burned and scrapped. You may be thinking, can’t I ask the manufacturer’s technicians to come and install the head after I buy it? This is like, I bought a Gree air conditioner and asked Haier’s installer to install it. Do you think the other party will install it for you? And each head has a special number, which is recorded in the manufacturer’s system. If there is a problem with the head that is not from the manufacturer after installation, it will definitely be irresponsible. (The main reason is that the heads bought by users have problems)

3. Long-term cooperation considerations

In the past few years, with the rapid development of the uv printer industry, there are dozens of new companies of all sizes (1-2 years), plus the original manufacturers, it is conservatively estimated that there are 300-400 companies in the entire market up. Especially on machines below 150,000 yuan, the price has already reached the point where there is basically no profit for the equipment, and the only way to make money is through spare parts and after-sales service. It doesn’t matter if the user buys some small components that cost tens of dollars by himself. If it involves large components, if the profit of this piece is not allowed by the manufacturer, how can we get guaranteed after-sales service when the equipment fails? You can’t stop earning money, let’s do the work. This can also explain some users scolding some manufacturers on the Internet for their high after-sales charges and slow after-sales service. You might as well ask yourself, if you are a manufacturer, how should you deal with this type of customer?

Users are not stupid, and manufacturers are not stupid. The long-term cooperative relationship can only be maintained because both parties can benefit from it. If one party earns and the other party loses, the losing party will definitely not continue to play.


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