Problems and solutions when UV printers are not in use

Table Of Contents

1. Head is invalid

   For an extended time (more than 5 days), if the nozzle isn’t pressed or wet, the residual UV ink within the head will solidify and dry, which is able to directly cause the interior blockage of the head. during this quite damage, cleaning the head again is useless, and wishes to get replaced.

2. The ink system is blocked

   If the ultraviolet ink within the ink tube, secondary cartridge, and huge cartridge isn’t used for a protracted time, it’ll inevitably cause precipitation and condensation. If it’s reused, it has to get replaced with a replacement one.

   So, what if you don’t use it for an extended time? There are two common solutions.

A. Remove the nozzle

  After the nozzle is aloof from the equipment, clean the UV ink within the nozzle with a cleaning solution, then immerse the underside of the nozzle within the cleaning solution and wrap it with non-woven fabric, then wrap it with a wrap for over 10 times and put it within the cabinet. Remember to not put it in the sun or in a humid place.

B. Remove the ink tube

embark on the ink tube and discard it directly. Clean the secondary cartridge, lengthen the UV ink stored within the large cartridge, and put it within the UV bottle again.


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