What are the daily maintenance and precautions for Mutoh UV printers?

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Daily maintenance and precautions

1. Print a test strip before the end of the work every day, and ensure that all nozzles are properly ejected.

2. Try to use 8PASS mode to print without affecting the work progress, this mode will cause the least damage to the nozzle.

3. Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. Under normal circumstances, the temperature is around 25 degrees and the humidity is around 60%.

4. The room should be dust-proof, and it should not be placed together with machines that are prone to dust, such as engraving machines.

5. Nothing can be placed on the machine.

6. The machine must be grounded. Connect the copper wire as thick as possible to the screws connecting the two ends of the bracket of the machine to the host computer. The insulating film on the surface of the copper wire should be scraped off. Do not connect objects such as lightning rods, radiators, water pipes, etc.

7. There cannot be common household appliances near the machine, and keep away from large magnetic fields and electric fields.

8. This machine does not have a special pressing paper, so do not use a medium of poor quality, so as not to damage the nozzle or burn the mainboard.

9. When there is still disconnection or dotted line after multiple cleanings, please wait for 10 minutes before working. If all the nozzle holes cannot be cleaned for 5 consecutive times, please contact the engineer of the manufacturer.

10. When adding ink, the ink level should be kept between the first and second liquid level lines in the ink cartridge.

11. The machine and ink should be stored in a place away from direct sunlight. After the ink is opened, it is best to use it up within half a month.

12. The indicator lights on the printer’s control panel must indicate “Roll”, “Color”, “Normal”, otherwise there may be problems with the printed image.

13. Check and empty the waste ink in the waste ink cartridge at least once a week to prevent overflow.

14. The computer must be regularly anti-virus, and the firewall of the computer must be turned off when using RIP software to draw pictures.

15. Check the cleanliness of the flash inkjet pad and scraper at least once every two weeks. If there is any debris such as hair, please use tweezers or facial tissue to remove the debris.


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