What are the UV printer scams?

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Why does a UV printer scam exist? Before we understand the specific content of the scam, we might as well talk about the reasons why it occurs and why we encounter scams.

What are the reasons why scams occur and are encountered?

1. Lack of cognition

We often judge unknown things based on the thinking system aggregated from past experience and knowledge. It is precisely that most users are not practitioners or experienced users, and naturally have misunderstandings about this unfamiliar equipment. These misunderstandings also just mislead the user’s identification, and it is easy to buy inferior or refurbished UV printers and accept unreasonable terms.

2. Bad money chases good money

There are always some companies that use refurbished parts, low-standard parts workmanship, secretly changing nozzle models, motherboard encryption, etc. to compress the cost of UV printers and obtain more profits. There are also a large number of users who need cheap equipment in the market itself. It just so happens that the two ideas “hit it off”, and the consequence is that 80% of the scams are here.

3. The industry as a whole is not standardized

The development time of the domestic UV printer industry is too short. Strictly speaking, it is only ten years, or fifteen years in a broad sense. Many advertise their 15 or 20 years of experience, just take a look and don’t take it too seriously. Most of them were engaged in other products before, and later this business was added, and the time was added up. If this is also counted, Dongge Buyer, a century-old shop that makes roast chicken, and this year’s UV printer, can also advertise a century-old inheritance to the outside world.

So, what are the forms of scams?

1. Scam in after-sales service

After-sales service on-site maintenance is free of charge, and it is mandatory to buy consumables before visiting the door. Parts are not repaired but replaced with new ones. Parts within the warranty scope are not covered by the warranty. Problems with the equipment are passed on to the user… This requires one aspect. The user and the manufacturer who purchased the UV printer must clearly list the terms of after-sales service in black and white, and divide the scope of responsibilities and obligations before signing. On the other hand, don’t be greedy for cheap. If you sell the equipment for 20,000 US dollars for 15,000 US dollars, you must get back the less money earned on the equipment from other places. Micolorprint machines are made of high-quality materials and parts. If there are quality problems, you can get a full refund.

2. Replacement of parts and components

7-generation heads and 10-generation heads are sold as 5-generation heads, aluminum alloys are sold as gantry mills, 200 US dollars/unit UV curing lamps are sold as imported 600 US dollars, encryption is sold as non-encryption… These test the user’s professional knowledge and Recognition ability, and whether the understanding of each component is detailed enough. If you are afraid of being fooled, Micolorprint technicians will teach you a method. You might as well find the serial number on each part, take a photo with your mobile phone, and check it online, and the comparison will be clear. If you are afraid of the trouble, spend 3,000 to find a master UV printer to help you inspect 4-5 machines in 2 days, which can save a lot of effort. The best way is to pay online.

Micolorprint machines support online payment (credit card or PayPal is acceptable), and if there are quality problems with the machine, you can get a full refund.

3. Earn money as a franchise agent

This is more advanced than selling UV printers. It packages the equipment as a wealth-making project and promotes broad prospects, high profits, and high returns, making people excited after listening to and watching it. Of course, regular manufacturers and development agents are not included. This kind of information is often overwhelming in the short term and then disappears after 6-8 months. It mainly targets users in fourth- and fifth-tier cities.

Micolorprint is a regular manufacturer, please feel free to buy it. The machine supports online payment (credit card, PayPal is acceptable). If the machine has quality problems, you can get a full refund.


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