What factors will affect the accuracy and speed of UV printers?

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For the purchase of medium and large equipment, everyone will be cautious. It is a long process from contact to confirmation of purchase. How choose a qualified UV printer is particularly important. The important indicators of UV printers are mainly reflected in three points: stability, Precision, and speed. So what factors will affect these three indicators?

1. Stability of UV printer

        The mainstream UV printers on the market vary in price from tens of thousands of RMB to hundreds of thousands of RMB depending on the model configuration. The machine is basically operated for a long time or even overloaded during the production period, so stability is very important. The main influencing factors are the firmness of the steel frame structure. , The stability of the guide rail, the physical accuracy of the printing platform, the quality of the print head ink circuit system and the motherboard system motor fan, and other equipment.

2. The accuracy of the UV printer

        This is an important indicator of UV printers. The accuracy of the machine directly affects whether the products produced can meet the printing requirements of customers. UV printing products need to be integrated with high reduction and no color difference, which has high requirements for the accuracy of the machine, and the main impact The factors are the quality of the print head, the smoothness of the ink system, the stability of the guide rail and the platform.

3. The speed of the UV printer

        For production-type machines, speed is competitiveness. When other indicators are similar, speed determines the production capacity of the enterprise. The main influencing factors are the quality of the print head, the smoothness of the ink system, and the response speed of the machine.

        In general, choosing a good UV printer requires comprehensive consideration in many aspects. Field inspection of the manufacturer’s production and R&D capabilities, workshop understanding of machine components and running tests, sample printing to investigate the accuracy and speed of the machine, these steps cannot be omitted, only this way In order to select a good quality UV printer, you can contact the relevant staff of Micolorprint for more information. Welcome to visit the factory.


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