What guide rail is better for uv printer?

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As an important part of the UV printer, the guide rail plays the role of movement guidance and support. A good guide rail makes the equipment more stable and lower noise. It can be said that the quality of the guide rail directly affects the quality of the printing effect, so what is the UV printer? The guide rail is better.

At present, the most widely used UV printer is the HTK guide rail imported from Japan. This guide rail is an all-steel design and adopts a circular road design to reduce the collision of the slider steel balls. Together with the Micolorprint UV click design, the car is more stable in the movement process, Improves accuracy. At the same time, the intermediate error will be strictly controlled during the installation process, and the balance between the two guide rails is controlled within 10 wires so that the trolley has better stability and lower noise during the movement.

In any case, the guide rail is also one of the important parts of the UV printer. After all, the car, the nozzle plate, the LED lamp, the electrostatic rod, and other parts are all pressed on the guide rail. Therefore, when we buy the UV printer, we should also put the guide rail on The material is incorporated into the content of the investigation.


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