What is a wine bottle cylinder printer?

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As a kind of culture, “wine” has a long history. “Elderly birthday, baby full moon wine, corporate custom wine, thank you wine for teachers, birthdays of friends, wedding banquets, classmates reunions” and so on, all party activities are inseparable from wine, which shows the importance of wine to Chinese people. With the development of society, more and more people like to collect wines of different ages, different bottle shapes, and different brands, and wine comes in handy as a high-end gift. Personalized customization is the modern mainstream. However, printing patterns on the surface of wine bottles is a very troublesome thing. Usually the surface of wine bottles is almost always a label with a sticker, and it is not directly printed on the surface of the wine bottle. But this one launched by Micolorprint UV printer can directly print various patterns and texts on wine bottles and wine bottle packaging boxes. You can print all kinds of wine’s origin, age and history related pictures directly on the wine bottle and wine bottle packaging box. Possess collection value. Using a 3D wine bottle printer to start a business can directly realize private custom printing of text and patterns on wine bottles, which can increase the value of the original ordinary products several times.


The private custom wine bottle printer is a machine that prints various types of pictures and text on the wine bottle and wine box. The private custom wine bottle printer can print pictures, signatures and other exquisite graphics and texts to make a trademark and paste it on the wine bottle, or on-site Customize the personalized wine bottle you like, that is, print the words and patterns you want on the bottle at will. For example, if a couple of newlyweds get married, you can put the words “XX Wedding Celebration Special Wine” on the bottle, or The wedding photos of the couple can be printed on the wine bottle; the unit and the enterprise can choose the trademark pattern and name it to make the personalized wine for their own reception. Print the photo of the couple on the wine bottle, so that guests can feel the joy The atmosphere of the company; printing the trademark of the unit or company on the bottle not only adds to the atmosphere of the feast, but also highlights the professional and sincere service of the company.

Using the 3D wine bottle printer, new versions of packaging can be designed according to the market every month and every month, which will bring more sales. The wine bottle printer is an innovatively designed model that takes customers to make their own product designs ingenious to seize the market. The exquisite models developed by Micolorprint for ten years have brought customers an innovative market environment and are extremely attractive.


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