Why is the UV printer head easily damaged when idle?

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The National Day holiday has just ended. During this holiday, some customers’ uv printers may be in an idle state. I only remembered to turn on the uv printers at work today, but found that the printing lacks color. Even clicking “print head cleaning” on the computer will not help. After the holiday, there is a backlog of orders, and now I am in a hurry to ship, the uv printer can’t be used at this time, and I am really anxious. In this case, Micolorprint’s after-sales engineer recommends everyone deal with it calmly.

The first thing to pay special attention to is that the ink used in uv flatbed printers is different from that of ordinary printers.

Our printing material is no longer paper, but ceramic tile, glass, plastic, crystal, metal, PVC, bamboo wood fiber, and other materials. Ordinary ink cannot be adsorbed. Only the use of uv ink can solve this problem. Ordinary printers can be used for a long time and the print head will not be blocked. However, if the UV flatbed printer is idle for a long time, it will not only cause the print head to be blocked, but also cause the cleaning unit to be blocked if the time is longer than 3 months, and the ink system will dry and solidify.

At this time, in addition to replacing with a new continuous supply system and cleaning unit. It also takes a lot of time to clean the nozzle manually, and the cleaning process must be careful, otherwise, the mainboard will be burned when the machine is turned on. Before cleaning, you must communicate with the after-sales department to ensure the precautions of each step to avoid unnecessary losses.

Although the uv printer nozzle can continue to be used after cleaning, it greatly affects the service life of the nozzle. Sometimes, if the idle time is too long, the nozzle will have a little color no matter how it is washed. Therefore, it is very important to turn on the machine once every three days. During the power-on self-check process, the flatbed printer will automatically pump ink, complete the ink circuit cycle, remove the blocked waste ink, and make the entire ink circuit system in good working condition. , do “Nozzle Check” to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked, and then randomly print the color map 2~3 times, and then shut down.

What if I can’t do regular power-on printing?

The print head can be removed from the uv printer, washed thoroughly, put into a sealed bag, and then put back in the print head when it is used, but it must be dried with a hairdryer to ensure that there is no residual liquid around the print head, so a good maintenance is a key to making good use of UV printers. While having good equipment, good maintenance can maximize the benefits of the machine.


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