10 common faults and solutions for uv printers

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During the daily use of UV printers, it is inevitable that there will be some minor problems and glitches. When you encounter this situation, don’t worry, it is easy to solve.

1. The ink of the UV printer is broken

Fault phenomenon: In the process of printing patterns, some heads do not come out of ink.

Cause analysis: Blockage of the head channel, improper setting of the head working voltage, blockage of the ink sac, ink problems, and improper adjustment of the negative pressure will all lead to ink cut-off.

Solution: Press the ink, flush the head holes with cleaning fluid, adjust the working voltage of the head, soak and clean the head with ultrasonic waves, replace the high-quality ink, and adjust the appropriate negative pressure value.

2. The printing effect of uv printers is poor

Symptoms: Blurred picture, misaligned color coverage, ghosting.

Reason analysis: Improper carriage height and excessive distance between head and material lead to inaccurate inkjet drop point, strong airflow affects inkjet drop point accuracy, poor ink absorption ability of the material, and the head is not calibrated.

Solution: lower the height of the trolley, prevent the fan or air conditioner from blowing directly into the work area, avoid strong airflow in the workplace, change the material, and recalibrate the head.

3. The uv printer does not rebound when the car is reset when it is turned on

Fault phenomenon: After turning on the machine and pressing the reset button, the car only leans to the right, without a reset, and without the flash spray, and other operations cannot be performed.

Cause analysis: switch failure, trolley board failure, SCSI line failure, PCI card failure, servo board failure.

Solution: Replace the switch, replace the trolley board/SCSI cable/PCI card/servo board.

4. Garbled characters in the UV printer

Symptom: Irregular and unpainted sprays appear on the screen.

Cause analysis: Inkjet data transmission processing error, car board fault, data cable loose or faulty, optical fiber fault, PCI card fault, screen processing problem.

Solution: arrange the heads to test each head one by one, troubleshoot the heads, replace the data cable (data cable of the head or the data cable of the car board), replace the car board/optical fiber/PCI card, and reload the screen for processing.

5. The uv printer prints a fixed place where the ink is not normal

Cause analysis: image processing problem, grating strip problem, and trolley plate failure.

Checking method: change the screen, change the spraying position, and test the printing effect of different screens in different positions, if other screens are normal, it proves that there is a problem with the sub-screen processing; if all the screens have problems with ink output at this place, check the grating strip;If the screen is changed and the inkjet position is still abnormal, check the small car board.

Solution: Reload the screen for RIP processing, clean or replace the grating strips, and replace the carriage board.

6. The running of the uv printer trolley is uneven

Symptoms: Part of the ejection screen is clear and partly blurred, and the accuracy of inkjet positioning at each position is different.

Cause analysis: The guide rail girder is not level adjusted.

Solution: readjust the beam.

7. The uv printer trolley shakes when running, and the misalignment of the inkjet painting

Cause analysis: the grating strip is damaged, the belt is broken, and the drag chain is stuck on sundries.

Solution: Clean or replace the grating strip, replace the 465 belts, and clean the drag chain slot.

8. UV printer crashes

Fault phenomenon: The starting car hits the right end.

Cause analysis: positioning failure, grating head failure, and trolley board failure.

Solution: Check/replace the switch, replace the grating head, and replace the trolley plate.

9. The negative pressure air pump of the UV printer is loud

Cause analysis: The air pump is loose, the filter is clogged, and the air pump is faulty.

Solution: Tighten the air pump, and replace the filter/air pump.

10. The light on the UV flatbed printer is not on when it is turned on, and it cannot be reset

Cause analysis: loose wiring, trolley board failure, servo board failure, data cable failure.

Solution: reinsert the data cable, and replace the trolley board/servo board/data cable.


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