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How to Installation of MainTop RIP?

1.1 Composition of MainTop RIP MainTop RIP consists of two parts which are MainTop DTP and MainTop RIP Management System. DTP RIP is within MainTop DTP.     MainTop  Desktop  Publishing  System This manual is abbreviated as DTR RIP hereafter.MainTop DTP provides functions for editing, producing, and printing out various files. Files are prepared by using DTP and are directly printed out by its built-in RIP. DTP RIP is used to print out picture files of JPG, TIF, and PCX formats with various functions, such as tiling printing, imposition printing, character overlapping, and vector picture drawing. Most printing operations can be carried out by DTP RIP. RIP   Management   System MainTop RIP Management System is a management program for controlling printing services without any support needed from Windows. This system provides overall management of printer and printing jobs which include distribution and manipulation of current running as well as current finished printing jobs. The system keeps a diary for monitoring the overall printing status. The system can print out files in formats of JPG, TIFF, EPS, PS, and PDF. It also provides functions of plate makeup, screening, object rotation, color separating, and grayish adjusting. Providing that it has been converted into one of the above five formats, files produced by any software can be printed out by using this system.    1.2  Requirement     of     MainTop      RIP     Installation     RIP   Management   System      Operation System: Windows 98/2000/XP RAM:              

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What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers in screen printing?

There is a screen somewhere, and it is clear that there is the trace of it. The screen pattern uses UV printing technology to achieve an ingenious combination of art and fashion that is exciting, and the beauty is hidden in it. It also allows us to appreciate the traditional aesthetic taste, life philosophy, and humanistic sentiments. The following processes are usually used to create patterns on screens: 1. The pattern weaving process generally uses materials such as Teng and paper rattan; 2. In the inkjet printing process, the material generally used is canvas; 3. UV printing technology does not limit the type of material, it can be wood, cloth, paper rattan, etc. Screen UV printing renderings: Advantages of using the UV printing process: 1. The scope of use is wider, and orders for a variety of screen materials can be made; 2. The screen pattern has a new relief 3D effect, which improves the artistic appreciation; 3. Save cost, with a height of 1.8 meters and a width of 50 cm (pack of 6 pieces), the printing cost is US$10. Equipment suitable for screen UV printing: 1. In terms of format, the height of the screen is generally more than 1.5m and the width is more than 40cm. The recommended model is 2513 uv printer or 2533 uv printer. If it is too small, it cannot be printed on; 2. In terms of nozzle selection, the artistic appreciation of the screen is very demanding. It is recommended to choose

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Analysis of the hardware structure of UV flatbed printers. After reading this, you will know how to choose UV flatbed printers.

In addition to the head, the next step for the UV flatbed printer is to look at the overall machine structure and selected hardware. Machine structure: The structure of the UV flatbed printer is also divided into several sections: 1. Design of three-axis structure of X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. 2. Circuit layout arrangement. 3. Design of ink route (referred to as ink route system). 4. Overall structural design and weight of the fuselage. 5. Functional assistance. 1. Design of three-axis structure of X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis: This is the most basic structure of the machine and the most critical. The normal X-axis is responsible for transverse movement (left and right), the Y-axis is responsible for longitudinal movement (front and back), and the Z-axis is responsible for lifting movement (up and down). When moving the X-axis, you must check whether the length of the beam is sufficient. Once the length is not enough, you will not be able to print horizontally to the edge. The verification method is to move the X-axis head to the opposite direction of standby. If the bottom of the head completely crosses the effective printing platform, and there is still room, then it is considered normal. If there is still some distance that has not been crossed or has just been crossed, then there is a problem. The X-axis also depends on whether the straight lines are parallel. There are two most convenient and intuitive methods. Let me teach you. First, look at the material of

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UV printer head price anatomy analysis

In fact, buying a UV printer now is a bit like assembling a computer, so the current UV printer is also commonly called a UV assembly machine, because the most important core hardware is the head, and the head manufacturing technology is completely in the hands of the Japanese and is limited. As for the head, all factories in China that manufacture printers (note: not just UV printers, but all printers with different shapes and properties) are developed around the head, so if someone tells you that the head is made by themselves or Those who are directly researched and developed are either new to the industry or are simply trying to deceive you. First, let’s talk about the mainstream heads suitable for UV printers. Price and type of heads: Epson series: 1. F1080 model:  The head is between 175 and 215 US dollars, the life span is between half a year and 10 months, and 1080 nozzles, and six channels, mostly used in small and medium-sized UV printers, DTF equipment, crystal marking machines, because the F1080 head is Basic-level heads are cheap and have average durability. The ink drop volume is above 4PL. The ink drop holes are relatively small and the accuracy is high. However, it is also easier to block the head and the printing speed is slower. Generally, the whole machine will be equipped with two heads, one head is responsible for printing white and one head is responsible for printing color, or one head is

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Why are some high-speed bottle tumbler printers coarse and blurry with the same head and hardware configuration while others are excellent?

Mainly affected by several aspects 1. Waveform There is a fixed waveform inside each head chip. The waveform directly affects the ink output intensity, ignition frequency, inkjet point, etc. of the head. It is equivalent to the basic origin. If the head waveform is not adjusted according to the corresponding software waveform, interruptions will occur. Problems such as ink, roughness, oblique spraying, etc., and before the waveform is adjusted, it cannot be repaired no matter how hard it is repaired. In the most serious case, it will affect the entire head channel and prevent ink from being discharged. Waveforms are also divided into large points, midpoints, small points, single points, variable points, etc. Different inkjet requirements correspond to different points, and different inkjet points also have special waveforms, so if the above problems occur, the first thing is The waveform is not adjusted properly or the waveform does not match the software and ink. 2. Curve The curve is the most important part of color software, which plays a role in the transition, compensation, accurate point-to-point injection, color calibration, ink volume, etc. This is why the printing effects produced by two machines from the same manufacturer, the same machine, and the same type of head are different in color, which requires curve adjustment. Especially the gray level, it is almost impossible to print a standard gray without the adjustment of the curve. 3. Ink Different ink manufacturers have different ink formulas. Some ink manufacturers are lighter, some are thicker, some

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How to use uv flatbed printer on jade safety buckle?

Desktop ornaments such as jade safety buttons are usually placed in living rooms, wine cabinets, home TV entrance decorations, and other places. The production process of the pattern on it is fine carving + color painting. The fine carving is mainly based on an engraving machine, and the color painting uses UV printing. The auxiliary equipment includes sandblasting machine, spray coating machine, etc. Applicable places for jade safety buckle: Living room, bedroom, study room, tea room, restaurant, shop, hotel, company, etc.; Applicable objects of jade safety buckle: Congratulations on moving in, wedding gifts, opening gifts, business gifts, etc. Today I will tell you more about the safety buckle. Jade safety buckle UV printing renderings: 1. Office Layout The shape of the jade safety buckle is like an ancient copper coin, which is a symbol of wealth and status, implying endless wealth. 2. Decorative cabinet ornaments The outer circle is a circle, symbolizing the vastness of the world and the chaos; the inner circle is also a circle, symbolizing the peace and tranquility in our hearts. 3. Wine cabinet decoration The safety buckle is also called nostalgic and Arhat’s Eye, which can drive away evil spirits, avoid disasters, and ensure safety when you go out. 4. Living room layout Also known as the auspicious wishful buckle, the pattern printed by UV is both beautiful and has a beautiful meaning. Overall, the investment cost of making jade safety buckles is not much different from that of making ceramic tile background walls. It

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How do we apply uv flatbed printer to the socket switch panel?

At present, UV printing on socket switch panels is more suitable than silk screen printing. The surface of early sockets had mostly blank patterns or a small number of single-color or two-color lines. In this case, the silk screen printing process could meet the needs. Later, whether it was the company’s own brand promotion or the personalized needs of market users, it gave rise to DIY color printing on the surface of the switch, which can also better integrate with the surrounding decoration style. Suitable for UV-printed socket panels: 1. Civil socket; 2. Industrial socket; 3. Waterproof socket; 4. Audio socket; 5. Mobile socket; 6. USB socket, etc. Socket panel UV printing finished product effect: Since most sockets themselves are made of plastic, there is no need to wipe the coating on the surface. To ensure that the surface of the door opening panel is clean, you can wipe it with alcohol before printing. When choosing uv printer equipment: 1. When the order quantity is small and the switch panel specifications are basically the same, a small UV printer will suffice. Just print the positioning frame and manually remove the hem. 2. If the order volume is large and the equipment selected is relatively large, the switch panel will need to be made into a mold during printing to ensure the accuracy of pattern printing. Most of the surface of the switch panel is flat and smooth, and the requirements for the spraying force of the nozzle are not high.

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Introduction to the application of uv flatbed printer in key chain uv printing

Keychains and keyrings belong to the category of handicrafts. Due to their small area and close contact with people in application scenarios, there are the following points that need to be paid attention to when choosing UV printer equipment: Equipment format: Try to choose small-format equipment that has higher physical and mechanical accuracy than large-format equipment. This refers to original equipment, such as 6090 and 9060 models; if it is a modified machine, such as a4, a3, a2, etc., the price is If it costs a few thousand US dollars or 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars, be careful about the workmanship quality of its parts. Equipment Head: Printing patterns on such a small keychain ring requires very high requirements on the size of the nozzle holes. Generally, you will choose the Epson nozzle (3.5PL) or the Ricoh nozzle (5PL). If the nozzle diameter of the nozzle is too large, the printed pattern will be thick and grainy, which will affect the pattern quality. Key chain ring UV printing renderings: Applicable UV printing keychain ring material: 1. Metal (requires coating) 2. Leather (no coating required) 3. Plastic (no coating required) 4. Wood, etc. Key chain ring uses: 1. Customized corporate brand promotion; 2. New product promotion; 3. Souvenirs from tourist attractions; 4. School anniversary souvenirs; 5. Advertising and other industry souvenirs. Overall, when making keychain rings, processing is mainly based on quantity and is not suitable for small amounts of personalized customization. Although the market demand is relatively large, the processing

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How to apply uv flatbed printer to yoga mat printing?

The process of using UV-printed patterns on yoga mats is becoming more and more widely used. It is mainly affected by three factors: process technology, cost and profit, and user demand. Process technology: Firstly, the adhesion of the pattern is solved, the stretchability is good, and the yoga mat will not fall off or fade due to repeated stretching; secondly, the process is simple, it can be printed directly after being put on, without other links; finally, it is waterproof and friction-resistant The sex has passed the test, and there is no need to worry about fading within 2-3 years. Cost profit: The cost of a printed pattern in white color per square meter of full format is between USD0.8-1. Taking into account labor, water and electricity, equipment depreciation, wages, and other expenses, the overall cost is around USD1.7. If you only print part of the area, the price will be lower, and the market charge is generally USD18-25. User needs: In recent years, there has been rapid growth. In addition to gyms, many end users also choose to use them at home. They can exercise, make crawling mats for children, etc. The most important thing is also the realization of personalized pattern customization, including cartoons, celebrities, plants, and animals. Picture of the finished product of yoga mat UV printing: Yoga mat materials suitable for UV printing: 1. TPE foaming, PVC foaming; 2. EVA, latex mats, CBR mats. Material properties: 1. The surface particles are uniform, the bubbles are full,

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How to use UV flatbed printer to print paddle patterns?

In the early days, the printing of patterns on paddles was relatively simple. Most were single-color or two-color lines, logos, etc. There were very few color printings of complex colors, especially in the area of personalized customization. It is only in recent years that UV printing technology has been gradually chosen for production. Types of paddle materials suitable for UV printing: 1. Carbon fiber (no coating required) 2. Plastic (no coating required) 3. Aluminum alloy (need to wipe the coating) 4. Wood, solid wood 5. Nylon (no coating required) 6. PVC (some require coating) Have to be aware of the following: Since the paddle itself is immersed in water for a long time, waterproofing is a problem to be overcome. Especially for seawater, seawater itself is more corrosive than fresh water. After extensive testing, if post-printing treatment (varnish coating) is not performed, the pattern formed by UV ink will fade. Paddle UV printing renderings: Features of these paddle materials: 1. Anti-bending, durable, and lightweight; 2. High strength and easy to carry. With the rise of DIY paddle pattern customization, we have come into contact with a large number of customers. They mainly make personalized patterns for units and clubs, and most of them are exported. Some of the paddles themselves are uneven, with a height difference between 2-4 mm. When choosing UV printer equipment, you need to test the spraying force of the nozzle. If the spraying force is insufficient, it will be easy to scratch the nozzle or cause

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