2 simple printing troubleshooting methods for UV flatbed printers

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UV flatbed printers will have some failures during use. Some major faults may cause the machine to fail to operate, which requires professionals to repair; some minor faults, the problem is not big, the machine is running normally, we can solve it ourselves as far as possible. Because if you go to the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel, it will take a long time to wait for the technicians to arrive, and it may cost more, be time-consuming, and laborious. It will be much more convenient if we can master some simple maintenance and troubleshooting knowledge. Today, Micolorprint UV printers will tell you some simple but common troubleshooting methods for deviations in printing results.

One: Flatbed printer prints blank:

The UV printer does not produce ink during the printing, and the printing is blank. Most of this failure is due to the clogging of the head or the ink running out of the ink cartridge. If the ink runs out, this is easy to solve, just need to replace the ink cartridge and add new ink. If there is still a lot of ink, but there is a blank print, this may cause the head to be clogged, and head cleaning is required (please pay attention to the correct cleaning steps: flatbed printer head cleaning and maintenance methods). After the head is cleaned, if it still fails, it is necessary to consider whether the head is broken, and you need to contact the manufacturer for consultation.

Two: UV flatbed printer prints black:

When the color of the printed product printed by the flat UV printer is black, we need to first check whether the ink model is correct and whether the ink delivery tube is blocked. If it is, we can easily solve this by ourselves. We also need to check whether the ink tube is broken and if so, we must replace it. If none of the above is a problem, focus on checking whether the nozzle is damaged and cleaning it to see how effective it is after cleaning.


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