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2513 model four-head negative pressure system printer 

2513 printer product sales points:

1. XP series heads can be used with cold energy light source LED-UV lamp radiation ink curing devices, adaptable to any material, low-density materials do not need to be sprayed separately, improving printing efficiency and improving

Printing effect.

2. Four-head dual-color (KCMY) printing, which can be configured with white ink, and the printing efficiency is twice that of similar printers.

3. The machine has an all-round positioning design, and the product is positioned for printing on various plate materials. The overall design is more reasonable and the overall operation stability is higher.

4. The machine comes with a platform with an intelligent adsorption design (optional), which makes printing flexible materials easier and faster, such as PP, PVC, and decorative wallpapers, saving and preventing the head from damaging materials.

5. The machine head is supported by double imported linear guide rails (optional), which provide more accurate positioning, smoother operation, and longer service life.

6. The most complete R&D technology system in the industry and the cooperation of a high-quality technical team can improve machine performance and add additional equipment according to the specific needs of customers.

2513 uv flatbed printer
2513 UV flatbed printer

2513 model UV printer product description:

1. The printing ink cart can automatically rise and fall according to the thickness of the material, accurately controlling the printing height to ensure printing quality.

2. Computer software’s automatic positioning makes media placement easier and allows printing at any location.

3. The combined ink absorbing stack and scraper unit system (optional) ensures that the print head remains clean during continuous operation, solving the user’s troubles of ink breakage, ink leakage, and ink dripping;

4. High-precision graphic and text output can be achieved.

5. Special technology ensures constant pressure ink supply, better ink flow performance, and continuous ink printing for a long time.

6. Dual heads work at the same time, and the head combination is arranged in a cross arrangement to double the speed. Achieve real industrial mass production;

7. The machine comes with a main ink bottle of 220ml of each color, which can be filled with ink at any time without stopping the machine;

8. All machining is independently developed and produced, and the solid and robust machine structure ensures high-precision and high-speed output;

9. Automatic alarm system for low ink volume. When the ink level capacity is less than one-third, the machine will automatically alarm (optional).


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