5 misunderstandings about the printing speed of printers

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The printing speed of the printer is the printing efficiency of the equipment. It refers to how many square meters the equipment can print per hour (depending on the printing mode) or how much time it takes to print a pattern of one square meter (the printing mode is that kind). When judging the specific printing mode, it is easy to get into a misunderstanding when talking about the speed of the printer.

Misunderstanding 1

The misunderstanding in the salesperson’s mouth is completely different from the real printing speed, and it can even be a world of difference. Some will exaggerate to the point that more than 100 square meters can be printed in one hour, but the real data is 10 square meters, and some manufacturers will use theoretical data to tell users. Just like when we used mobile phones, how many gigabytes of mobile phone memory is often advertised, but in fact, after buying it, it is not enough. The manufacturer ignores the space occupied by the installation system and application software.

Misunderstanding 2

Common printing modes are represented by pass, such as one pass, 4pass, 6pass, 8pass, 12pass, 16pass, etc. The higher the value before the pass, the higher the accuracy of the printed pattern and the slower the speed. For the convenience of users to understand, some will be replaced by the three situations of sketch mode, production mode, and high-precision mode. In fact, the meanings are the same.

Misunderstanding 3

The printing speed of the machine is not the actual production speed, this must be clearly distinguished. When purchasing equipment, you must have a clear understanding of the equipment software operation, processing speed, batch processing, positioning, and other additional functions. Some printers can edit and process the pattern in 10 minutes, and then print it. On the contrary, some uv printers need 20 or 30 minutes, which will greatly affect the daily production efficiency.

Misunderstanding 4

The speed usually mentioned by the printer is just the printing speed of the head. In many cases, due to the limitation of software technology level, the workmanship, and the performance of parts, many speeds cannot be achieved at all. That’s just ideal.

Misunderstanding 5

Is it true that the more heads there are, the faster the printing speed will be? This is not necessarily the case. The number of heads installed in the printer itself is determined by both hardware and software technologies, and cannot be added without limit. Secondly, in a certain printing mode, the printing speed of 5 heads, 6 heads, and 7 heads is actually the same, and it does not mean that one more will double the speed. In a few cases, if you want to increase the printing speed through the number of heads, you will choose double four-color, three-four-color, and four-four-color printing, so that the speed can be increased by 1 time, 2 times, 4 times, etc..


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