6090 UV printer with what print head good?

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Recently, I received a few questions from a few customers asking which nozzles are suitable for the small 6090 machines, whether it is from Epson or Ricoh. Now let’s simply compare the nozzles used on the 6090 UV machine:

1. Epson:

This is the mainstream of the nozzles on the 6090. From TX800, XP600, DX7, 4720, i3200, etc., the first two nozzle models do the most, because the cost performance is high, the nozzles are cheap, and the cost of replacement and maintenance is low in the later period. A few manufacturers do it. The advantage of the 4720 print head is that it is fast, but because it is a dismantling head, a decryption card is required. The decryption card also has a lifespan. Maybe your print head can still be used, but the matching decryption card is broken and has to be replaced.

Finally, I will talk about the i3200 printhead, which has recently become the darling of the printhead industry. The printhead parameters are the same as those of the 4720, but Epson’s official licensed printhead has better printing speed and all aspects than the 4720 and is used by more and more customers and manufacturers. Come to launch new models and updates, and the price of the print head also appears to be out of stock.

2. Ricoh:

The GH2220 small printhead is mostly used. Judging from the market and customer use, the printing speed must be a single-head monochrome configuration, and the service life is not much different from Epson’s small printhead.

The G5i printhead is rarely used on 6090. The biggest advantage of this printhead is that the inkjet distance is longer, which is about 3mm different from most of the printheads. The manufacturer has done technical matching and can achieve a spray distance of 8mm or even higher. As for the G5 Or the G6 nozzle is a custom model when it is matched with the 6090.

To summarize and compare the 6090 machines with these two printheads, for small-batch printing, Epson XP printheads are the first choice for cost-effectiveness, i3200 printheads for speed and output, and G5i printheads for products with high and low drop.


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