A brief introduction to Samsung semjet heads in South Korea

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South Korea’s Samsung semjet print head, South Korea’s Samsung Electro-Mechanics, has developed a print head semjet and copper nano-ink for industrial ink-jet devices that can directly print electronic circuits on circuit boards. Compared with the previous etching process, the process can be greatly simplified, and the cost can be greatly reduced compared with the previous electronic circuit printing process using Au and Ag inks.

Samsung semjet print head

This is the first time Korea has developed a print head for an industrial inkjet device. The industrial inkjet device will be sold under the “SemJet” brand. In addition, because the copper nano ink will oxidize in the air, it was very difficult to develop before, and this development is the first in the world.

The characteristic of the print head is that the number of nozzles is doubled to 256 from the previous 128. The driver uses MEMS technology and is capable of ejecting 1pL (picoliter) ink droplets. Among the models currently on the market, the smallest is 4pL.

Using this print head, the process that used to be seven steps can be reduced to two steps of printing and heat treatment. In addition, it is possible to reduce investment and eliminate harmful substances generated in the production process.

Semjet printhead: 256 nozzles, there are four droplet sizes 1, 5, 30, and 80PL.


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