A brief introduction to TRIDENT heads in the United States

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The American TRIDENT head is a unique member of the head. The head is all steel and can be disassembled for cleaning. Originally, it was mainly used in the inkjet marking industry on a large scale. Later, I saw the large-scale development of industrial image heads and joined in.

 American TRIDENT head

The main application in inkjet is 768JET.

American TRIDENT company has more than 20 years of industrial jet printing technology. Its products are mainly used in industrial printing in various industries.

Has been a leader in industrial printing for over 20 years with products including:

Address printing (50,000 address printing per hour) on behalf of the printhead: UltraJet II 96

Bar code printing (more than 90% of the carton bar code printing market in Japan) represents the heads: UltraJet II, SolidJet, 768Jet, 384Jet

Document processing and decoding printing (printing, scanning, and restoring after encoding the picture document) means that the head is: UltraJetII 96, using the ink JetWrit, PostBrite, and VersaPrint developed by TRIDENT

Application printing of financial documents (printing bank checks, which can directly generate barcodes) means that the heads are: UltraJet II 96, using the inks JetWrit, PostBrite, and VersaPrint developed by TRIDENT

Industrial special material printing (LCD dot matrix printing, printed circuit board printing) on behalf of the head is: UltraJet II 96

Packaging logo printing (product logo and barcode printing on the production line) means the head is: UltraJet II

Postmark printing (automatic postmark printing for postal systems) means the heads are: UltraJet II 96, UltraJet II 352, 768Jet

Product coding printing (for coding and printing products of various materials on the production line) using solid and high-temperature inks

Textile printing (for various industrial textiles, carpet printing) representative heads are: PixelJet, 768Jet, 384Jet

Large-format graphic printing (large-format inkjet printing for the advertising industry) represents the head: the newly developed 768 L jet.


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