A collection of commonly used software for uv flatbed printers

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Regarding the price, performance, and scope of application of the UV flatbed printer, we have said enough in the previous article. Today we will mainly learn about the commonly used software for UV flatbed printers.


Many customers worry about the operation of the equipment software in the early stage, but in fact, they worry that it is completely unnecessary, because after the equipment is bought back, the manufacturer will arrange professional technician training and guidance, which can be fully mastered in 1-2 hours. The following are several drawing software commonly used by UV flatbed printers in daily operations:

1PhotoprintDomestic printer manufacturers use standard equipment for export, and China has invested heavily in localization
2ColorMasterOld-brand software for printing and proofing
3ONYXOne of the mainstream foreign RIP software
4UltraRipOne of the domestic mainstream RIP software
5MainTopDomestic mainstream RIP software
6TexPrintEntered China earlier and worked with well-known domestic digital printing companies
7WasatchIt has been in China for a long time, and there are many domestic printing device drivers
8Fiery XFEFI business areas cover printing, proofing, printing, ceramics, inks, RIP software, etc
9PrintFactoryBased on GMG technology, focusing on wide-format digital printing
10neoStampaCooperate with well-known domestic manufacturers on the OnePass project

We know that printing control software for UV flatbed printers is generally developed by the manufacturers themselves, combined with their own equipment to develop the required printing functions, the purpose is to make the equipment more widely used and print better. Understand and follow Micolorprint, and take you to know more about UV printers.


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