A machine that can print on wooden boards

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Recently, a friend started his own business and wanted to find a machine that can print on wooden boards, so I recommended a UV flatbed printer to him.

The UV flatbed printer is not the only machine that can print patterns on wooden boards, but it is the most suitable machine. This is a new type of printing equipment specially created for the field of handicraft printing. It is easy to operate, does not require plate making, has a fast printing speed, good reduction effect, and can also achieve 3D and relief effects, which cannot be achieved by traditional screen printing and transfer printing.

How much does this kind of board printer cost?

It mainly depends on your printing specifications. If it is small crafts, such as wooden boxes, combs, wood paintings, ornaments, etc., you can choose a 9060uv flatbed printer, which can fully meet your needs. The price is around USD6180, and the price is very high.


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