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“Micolorprint” white ink circulation patent technology holder, completely solves the problem of dark printing! Choose Micolorprint printers, save money, ink, and worry!

Why white ink circulation?

①The main component of white ink circulation is titanium dioxide, which is the same as the composition of the correction fluid we usually use

②The aperture of the head is 50 microns, only 3/2 of the hair, and the aperture of the correction fluid is 1000 microns, which is 200 times that of the head hole

③When we use the correction fluid, we often have action, we need to shake it, and it will come out after a long time without pressing it. The white covering liquid, so to solve the problem of dark printing, we must solve the problem of white ink plugging.

How does the white ink clogging happen? Will it be clogged immediately?

Will Bai Mo be stuffed right away? Obviously not, because the composition of the white ink also needs a suspension agent, which is exactly the same as the correction fluid. After a long time, it will be a little bit clogged, so the more you hit it, the less white it will be until the head is completely clogged. Yes, the reason is that the head hole is too small, only 50 microns (oral part: let’s talk about it first, foreign brands, such as the best-selling DuPont inks, slowly become more and more white after three months. The reason is That is, the head is slowly plugged, and the amount of white ink coming out is getting less and less. If the white ink is not printed right away, DuPont, a famous chemical company in the world, will have no way to do business, and the white ink will not be sold. As early as 2008 We were playing with white ink at the beginning of the year. It feels okay to buy machines abroad. China just can’t sell them. We later asked foreign machines why they would still get clogged after a long time. It’s just that foreign sprinklers are cheap, and only It’s less than a few hundred euros, and the profit of personalized clothing is high, so it’s affordable. But a few hundred euros for China will cost a few thousand yuan. Compared with foreign countries, the profit of personalized clothing in China is lower. So Chinese buyers don’t need white ink. Later, they started to make shirt printers. In its product introduction, it said that it uses special technology ink to solve the problem of layering, which will not be clogged. But let’s look down and introduce it again. Say, before use, you need to take out the ink cartridge and shake it, and add a peristaltic pump. We have used these two methods a long time ago, but the result is not good, because the ink in the ink tube cannot be shaken. If the peristalsis is too slow, it will still precipitate. The ink that the head uses first is in the ink tube, and the ink in the ink tube is precipitated. So this problem still cannot be solved. Domestic ink is not easy to plug the head , Because the content of titanium dioxide is reduced, it will be clogged for a long time, but it will not be white, white will not be white, and the color will not be fresh. Secondly, the washing fastness is worse than DuPont. We also have other foreign white inks. Tested, in Japan, and South Korea, but the quality did not meet our requirements, other inks were used outside to pretend to be DuPont in the United States, because the price is much lower, because the ink will not be returned once it is opened. We are mainly old customers, so It has always been in the United States, and we all have codes to check.)

White ink solutions on the market.

① One is the white ink cartridge, adding a motor to stir, will generate bubbles, into the ink tube, causing the ink to break

② Shake the ink cartridge to make the ink even. But there is a small problem here. The first ink used in the head is in the ink tube, so the precipitation in the ink tube cannot be removed.

③Plant’s white ink circulation has already circulated to the ink tube without generating bubbles

Of course, some colleagues buy a “Plant” with white ink circulation to imitate, only the hardware part other than “white ink circulation technology” can be imitated, and the software part cannot be imitated, so customers who buy counterfeit white ink circulation technology will Find our company’s after-sales service.

Loss of not using white ink circulation.

①The head is slowly blocked, and it will cost more than 4,000 yuan to replace the head once (the head will change with market conditions)

②If a large amount of ink is consumed and the white ink is blocked, the printer’s large cleaning function must be used. At the same time, the white ink and color ink are removed to clean the head. Generally, 1/10 of the ink will be lost every time

③If the head is blocked, the white ink cannot be hit white, and the colorful ink is not bright enough, causing the loss of customer orders


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