Advantages of UV flatbed printers in photo frame printing

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The production of photo frame albums belongs to the field of wedding photography. In the early days, it was printed by photo printing machine, and the pattern was printed on special paper, and then mounted in the photo frame. Later, it developed into using weak solvent printers for pattern printing. Due to the heavy pollution and the high requirements of printing on the surrounding environment, it has become less and less suitable in recent years.

The corresponding processing companies have adopted UV printing technology as a substitute, which mainly has three advantages:

1. Reduced scrap rate: Solvent printing has high requirements for the surrounding environment. Since it cannot be printed and dried immediately, dust and particles falling on the surface during the solidification process will affect the quality of the pattern and increase the scrap rate of the finished product. Secondly, it needs to be dried and aired. On the one hand, the labor cost is raised, and on the other hand, the printing efficiency is reduced.

2. Although the cost is relatively low to print patterns on special paper using photo printing technology, the pattern has a short storage time, is easy to yellow and curl, and gives users a low-end feeling.

3. In recent years, due to environmental protection requirements, many companies that previously used solvent printing technology need to eliminate backward processes and upgrade to new UV printing, which has also promoted the development of UV printers.

Photo frame album UV printing effect diagram:

Applicable photo frame album materials:

1. Wood

2. Plastic;

3. Digital;

4. Glass;

5. Aluminum alloy;

6. Crystal;

7. PVC, etc.

Considering the final effect of the photo frame album, a layer of varnish will be applied on its surface after UV printing. This not only makes the pattern brighter and the color more vivid, but also has the characteristics of waterproof and scratch resistance, which can ensure that the pattern of the frame will not fall off for decades. The latest machines have built-in varnish functions.

Generally, photo studios send photos to users with UV printers for printing and processing after shooting. If you are in this market, you may wish to cooperate with local shooting companies, so that it will be easier to get orders.


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