Application of UV flatbed printer in fishing rod printing

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Fishing rod trademarks used transfer printing for pattern printing in the early days, and later gradually adopted the UV printing process. Technically speaking, three main problems are solved.

1. Accurate positioning

By making a special fishing rod mold to fix the position of the material, deviations are less likely to occur during the pattern printing process. It also improves the efficiency of the operation and eliminates the need to repeat a single alignment process.

2. Jet force intensity

The fishing rod trademark itself is cylindrical, with a curvature drop of about 2mm. In addition, the size is relatively small, on the one hand, the requirements for the accuracy of the nozzle are high, and on the other hand, the requirements for the spray force are also relatively strong. There are grayscale industrial nozzles represented by G5i/i1600/i3200/xp600 on the market to solve this problem.

3. Waterproof

The actual application scenarios of fishing rods are mostly at the waterside, where they are often in contact with water. The technical problem of the waterproofness of the pattern was not solved in the early stage. Later, after the matching UV ink was satisfied, it spread.

Fishing rod UV printing renderings:

Types of fishing rod trademark materials that can be printed by UV printer:

1. Made of bamboo wood, no coating required;

2. Glass fiber requires glass coating;

3. Carbon fiber, no coating required;

4. Titanium alloy requires metal coating.

Advantages of using UV printing patterns:

1. Environmentally friendly meets current requirements and conforms to the trend of green printing;

2. Personalized customization, you can customize the company name, personal name, and other graphic text according to personal needs;

Generally speaking, the market for UV printing patterns on fishing rods is relatively unpopular. The added value of the products is much higher than that of the advertising industry, and the competition is very small. The consumption level of the user groups in the fishing rod market is relatively higher.


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