Brief introduction of the 6090 UV flatbed printer platform

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The platform of the 6090 UV flatbed printer is the support plane for the material when the machine is working. The suction function contained in the suction platform can effectively provide a flat printing environment. The suction platform is an aluminum alloy platform with honeycomb holes for placing substrates. The quality of the platform depends on the load-bearing, flatness, and adsorption.

The size of this platform is 600mm*900mm, it is made of aluminum alloy, 3 cm thick, and can bear a weight of about 150-200 kg. The advantages of the platform are high flatness, the maximum error is within 10 wires, and the load-bearing capacity is high. There is a hole every 2 cm in the middle of the platform, so the platform has good adsorption performance.

The steel frame at the bottom of the 6090 UV flatbed printer platform is gantry milled. After the platform is matched with the steel frame, the flatness of the equipment will be very high, which will play a good role in the printing accuracy and printing effect.

Have to be aware of is:

1. During the long-term use of the platform, if the protective film is not added to the surface, the surface will be easily dirty. To clean, use alcohol or a plastic scraper. Avoid the uneven surface of the platform due to the use of steel scrapers to hang on the surface of the equipment.

2. When placing the substrate on the surface of the platform, do not throw or throw it around. The edges and corners of the material, especially metal materials, may cause small pits on the surface if you do not pay attention.

In addition to the metal suction platform, the 6090 UV flatbed printer also has a glass platform, which belongs to the early platform of the industry, and now there are very few, most of which are metal suction platforms.


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