Briefly introduce the characteristics of UV flatbed printers

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1. Simple and convenient operation:

There is no need for plate making and repeated color registration process, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain.

2. Fast printing speed:

Low input costs and high-speed printing are fully suitable for industrial mass production.

3. Overcome material boundaries:

It can print any medium within the specified thickness, completely overcoming the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications, and can use very thin or very thick objects, and its thickness can reach 200mm/100mm.

4. Automatic cleaning system:

Significant Nozzle Clogging Prevention Automatic print head cleaning in cycles of various patterns based on the consumer’s choice, which prevents nozzle clogging.

5. Height adjustment and batch setting:

The height can be adjusted according to the printed object, and the horizontal moving vertical jet structure is adopted, which can easily and freely use various raw materials. It can be automatically raised and lowered to the appropriate printing height after being easily placed, and the perfect color printing effect can be achieved. And the automatic feeding time of batch production can be set at will, eliminating the need to repeat the steps of operating the computer.

6. Not affected by the material of the object:

Can use rich colors on the surface of raw materials (metal, plastic, stone, leather, wood, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, coated paper) and finished products (small parts organizer, wallet, leather bag, logo, plaque, etc.) Color graphics printing services for images, because the nozzle and the media surface are non-contact during printing, and will not be deformed by heat and pressure, so it can be printed on easily deformable and soft raw materials (such as leather and textiles).

7. High precision and perfect printing:

Use the special ink produced by the company to make the output image effect realistic and achieve photo quality. The image is waterproof, sun-resistant, wear-resistant, and will never fade.

8. Printing format:

It can meet the wide personalized printing of single A2 (420mm*640mm), A3 (480mm×330mm), A4 (210mm×280mm).

9. Rough and bevel printing:

It can overcome the deviation of the raw material thickness of up to 5mm. According to the characteristics of the surface of the object to be printed, the bump drop can be expanded to a maximum of 5mm, and it can present a perfect printing effect.

10. Using a large-capacity ink tank:

Avoid affecting printing efficiency due to frequent replacement of ink cartridges, while minimizing printing costs.

11. Using special waterproof ink:

Clear and perfect printing quality, distinct layers, all color blocks are visible, no color cast, color mixing phenomenon, waterproof, wear-resistant, quality non-thermal transfer, silkscreen, and other traditional processes are comparable.

12. Ultra-low printing cost:

Compared with the existing thermal transfer process, it can save more than 80% of the cost.

13. Personalized printing:

At the same time, it is very suitable for T-shirts, pillows (covers), shopping bags, aprons, gloves, cotton socks, handkerchiefs, and other personalized color printing services.

14. Appearance design:

Overall, simple, easy to operate, convenient, completely humanized scientific design. Following the mainstream, it adopts an all-red, yellow, and black exterior design. The main buttons are arranged on the right side of the body, so from the front, the appearance of the panel is very simple, and the lines are simple and neat.


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