Can aluminum plates be printed with uv printers?

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Recently, many friends who are building materials have asked.

Can aluminum plates be printed with UV printers?

The answer is: yes.

We know that the biggest advantage of UV printers is that there is no need to make plates, that is, they can be printed and dried. There are almost no restrictions on the printed materials, ranging from U disks, lipstick tubes, and gift boxes, to glass, ceramic tiles, and aluminum plates, whether flat or uneven All materials can be printed. Because of the wide range of printing, the industry has given it a very big name-universal printer.

Just such an aluminum plate UV printer can not only print 3D effects but also print relief effects. However, when using aluminum as a printing material.

There are several issues that need to be paid attention to in order to make the effect better:

  1. Wipe the surface of the lower material with a non-woven cloth before printing.
  2. When printing, first wipe a layer of special coating liquid on the surface of the aluminum plate to improve the adhesion of UV ink.
  3. Improve the power of the led ultraviolet lamp to make the UV ink dry and solidify more thoroughly.

Finally, regarding the choice of aluminum plate UV printer, Micolorprint suggests that the stability of the equipment, nozzles, maintenance costs, and after-sales service should be considered comprehensively, so as to choose the most suitable UV printer.



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