Can mobile phone case printers make money?

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Mobile phone cases can be seen everywhere with the popularity of mobile phones. Because everyone has different preferences, the requirements for mobile phone cases are also different, so the production of personalized mobile phone cases has risen, and mobile phone case printing machines have also been welcomed by people.

Of course, some people doubt that the phone case printing machine can make money?

        Before doing any business, we must definitely consider whether it can make money? How much can you earn? We first need to know where to buy a mobile phone case printer? Do you do your daily business and produce and sell yourself? Do processing? I still get off work part-time after work. Find the right direction for your development.

Furthermore, let’s calculate how much we can make?

        Currently, the prices of mobile phone cases on the market vary. We use USD4 to calculate. We sell 50 units per day, which is USD200, which is USD6000 per month. The cost of printing a mobile phone case with a mobile phone case printer is only USD0.04. Around, and the raw material of a mobile phone case is USD0.5, which is USD5190 a month. Since the operation of scanning the mobile phone shell printer is simple, only a mobile phone is required to scan the QR code to print. The monthly manual expenditure is USD0, plus water, electricity, rent, etc., and the monthly cost is about USD1000, which can make a net profit of USD4190.

Moreover, the mobile phone case scanning printer is not only suitable for mobile phone case processing but also for other flat materials. We can also help others to do the processing while we do it ourselves. This can increase our income. So as long as we do it carefully, it will take a few months. Make money back.

        At present, many retailers in the mobile phone case market buy goods wholesale from manufacturers, and the wholesale price is a few dollars each, and the pattern manufacturers have already printed them, without personalization at all, and there is no advantage in the market, while the mobile phone case scanning printer does not It is the same, it can be customized completely, improve the quality of the phone case, the customer can choose the pattern scanning of the mobile phone center to print so that it can also avoid the problem of unsalable products in batches.

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