Can second-hand UV flatbed printers be bought?

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UV flatbed printers have developed exponentially in recent years. Many entrepreneurs and bosses who want to transform are ready to move. There must be nothing wrong with choosing UV printers in this market. This equipment is used in a wide range of industries and is a kind of “non-contact with objects”. Ink printing type high-tech digital printing equipment, which can carry out color patterns on the surface of any flat material, printing, and proofing are fast, and it can be printed at one time. It can be used on glass, ceramic tile, metal plate, wood, data plate, acrylic plate, KT plate, or PVC Print the pictures of your own choice on the media such as slabs, melamine slabs, marble slabs, etc., to make the indoor and outdoor display personal characteristics and highlight personal characteristics. The application fields are also very wide: decoration industry, furniture building materials industry, handicraft industry, leather oil painting industry, advertising industry, digital product industry, etc.

Although the machine is good, the price is not beautiful. On a limited budget, many will choose to buy a second-hand UV printer.

Can a second-hand flatbed printer be bought?

First, the UV printer itself is not as mature as the digital mobile phone products. 

The equipment bought by different manufacturers is different. The core technology of the early UV printers is not very mature, especially the machines modified by Epson, which are made by some small manufacturers. After the equipment is bought back, there may be various problems, and most people cannot deal with it, and the accessories may not be found. During the use process, there will be problems here for a while, and problems will occur there for a while, which will not only delay the delivery but also affect it. mood.

Second, the price of second-hand UV flatbed printers is relatively more expensive than new ones. Why do you say that? 

The price of UV flatbed printers nowadays is not too expensive compared to 2014. At that time, Epson machines had to sell for more than ten thousand dollars, and the commonly used Ricoh print heads on the market now cost a few white dollars. We all know that print heads are the core of UV flatbed printers. All second-hand UV flatbed printers must be used. As long as the used print heads are basically waiting for you to take over, they must be replaced. A print head costs several hundred dollars. Coupled with machine refurbishment, asking someone to guide and study, etc., the final price is not necessarily cheaper than the price of the new machine, and even more expensive than the price of the new machine at the time of promotion.

Third, the UV flatbed printer comes from machinery and equipment and naturally cannot do without the manufacturer’s after-sales service. 

It is normal for machinery and equipment to inevitably have problems, and the key is how to solve the problem. If you buy a second-hand UV printer, the manufacturer’s after-sales service may not be able to provide quality assurance, which is intangible as a cost. If it is second-hand, it is possible that the machine has been turned down many times, so when buying a second-hand machine, it is recommended to be cautious, and it is recommended to choose a large manufacturer.

How do customers choose UV printer manufacturers:

First, choose a strong business, choose more than hard work, and let you get twice the result with half the effort

As customers, they all hope to communicate directly with powerful manufacturers and buy the equipment to produce products as soon as possible. However, it is necessary to spend more time choosing a large-scale and experienced industry experience merchant. Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., Ltd., LTD has been expanding in the printer industry for many years. Now the company has more than 10,000 square meters and more than 220 employees. They are distributed across the country to provide customers with high-quality after-sales services, solve after-sales problems for customers for the first time, and protect customers’ Continuity of production, maximize profit!

Second, on-site sample printing directly see the product printing effect

If conditions permit, it is recommended that you directly go to the sample department of Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., LTD to print samples, and see the stunning and perfect effects brought by the art-carved ceramic tile background wall printer on the spot!!!

Third, understand the business R&D and technical capabilities, and conduct in-depth technical communication

You can have some in-depth technical communication with our R&D department and technical department, equipment parameters, performance, operation, including after-sales how to maintain a comprehensive understanding of equipment, to solve your worries.

Four, after-sales service capability

After-sales service is related to your mass production problems. You have an order. In case it cannot be completed smoothly, it will affect your reputation, interests, and even your brand image. Therefore, high-quality after-sales service is very, very important. With the research of more than 75 people in Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., LTD, the technical team will escort you on the road to wealth, allowing you to make money easily!!!


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