Can the crystal post be printed with a uv printer?

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Can the crystal post be printed with a UV printer?

The answer is: absolutely possible.


What is a crystal post?

Crystal sticker is also called UV transfer sticker. Its predecessor is called a pressure-sensitive sticker. It is used to print the required graphics and text on special release materials, then transfer the film, and finally, use the film to bring up the pattern and transfer it to the surface of the final product. A kind of surface graphic production process. Crystal stickers have a wide range of applications in life, such as trademarks, signs, surface decoration of some electrical products, etc.

Generally speaking, businesses that make crystal posts have these characteristics. One is personalized customization; the other is mass production; the third is that the pattern effect is better; the fourth is that it must be scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, which has the advantage of UV flatbed printers. Similar, but the traditional thermal transfer process is difficult to meet the requirements, so many manufacturers are more willing to choose the more obvious advantages of UV flatbed printers.


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